Average Cost of Basic Roof Repair – And What “Basic” Means.

"How much does roof repair cost?" in text, across a background image of a beautiful home after a rain.
One of the common questions asked by homeowners who haven’t had their roof repaired before.

The initial reaction to the problem.

Perhaps one of the first questions to cross a homeowner’s mind when they first realize something needs repaired, is “How much is that going to cost me?”

House repairs can be intimidating, and often cause as much stress to the homeowner, as the home. So it isn’t surprising that you would want to know how much a roof repair might cost if you’ve noticed a coffee stain on your ceiling, or bits of your roof in your yard.


An common reaction to an annoying problem. Getting a good perspective on the problem is important too, however.

Keeping things in perspective.

Asking questions like, “What exactly is the problem?”, and “What exactly is the solution?” will keep you at the genuine, minimal cost to fix the problem, while still, actually fixing the problem.

The shady ones…

We say this because there are most certainly contractors out there who will tell you they can fix the problem for quite a bit less than what you were quoted by other companies, and can quite possibly make the problem go away. For a little while anyway.

But I mean… would you pay $100 to have someone get on your roof and do something silly like this?

This is an example of the kind of bad craftsmanship you find when in search of a “cheap solution”, often just slightly delaying the problem, and looking incredibly tacky.

There’s no guarantee what will happen in six months when the “cheap solution” quits working, and water starts getting into your attic again, but it usually means even more repairs for even more money.

There are financing options for homeowners in need of roof repair, with qualifying credit and what not, obviously. The point is, don’t delay it or put a band-aid on it. It’ll only make it worse.

You will hear us chirping more often about how the goal of most roofing companies in DFW is to make the most possible money per each customer, due to them being mostly sales businesses.

However, there are shady contractors and companies working the opposite angle, focusing on being “the cheapest solution”, at the expense of good craftsmanship usually.

Understanding what “basic” roof repair means.

"Basic Roof Repair" in text, over a background of a residential home.
The First Level of Roof Repair

So, what is basic roof repair, and how do you not get shotty craftsmanship, but not get roped into paying too much for it? The first step, is understanding the “basic” in “basic roof repair”.

Basic roof repairs are the minor odds and ends of a roof, the inexpensive items, so to speak. That’s what all homeowners want the solution to be, and what no roofing sales business wants it to be.

Beyond these items, is what an honest roofing company will refer to as a major repair situation, which we will cover in the next blog we are writing. “Major Roof Repairs – Average Cost & Common Problems.

Factoring in roof type, and size.

First and foremost, you have to factor in what type of roof you have, and on what size of home you have. There are a large number of people when asked specifically what type of roof they have on their own home, have no idea what it is actually called.

Some saying things like, “Shingle?…. I thing shingle, yeah.”. A general idea but being sure only helps your cause. What type of roof you have can affect the repair costs quite a bit.

The size of your roof matters as well when getting a repair quote. If it is a second story, there is customarily a charge just for that, simply because your roof is harder to work on than a single story roof. But the more roof you have, the more individual repairs it may need.

Keep in mind. It isn’t always just one problem.

If you are lucky, your roof will only be experiencing one problem. Don’t be shocked if it has two leaks or something though. The roof is the same age all the way across. In other words, the South side of your roof didn’t get hit by a storm that the North side of your roof didn’t. It has been evenly worn in most cases.

The average roof.

The most commonly seen roof type in DFW is the Asphalt Shingle roof. So we will base our “average” roof costs on the average roof. (Typically a 1,500 – 1,750 sq. ft. home, single level, 3 to 4 tab asphalt shingle, with average incline).

These service items usually include:

  • Resealing of vents, pipe-jacks, skylights, or other roof accessories.
  • Replacing damaged or non-functional roof accessories, listed above.
  • Single area, flat surface, patches (removing and replacing one area of damaged or missing shingles, average 10 sq. ft. in diameter, excluding valleys and peaks).
  • Debris removal and sweeping/hosing.
  • Re-flashing around chimney (not referring to chimney repair), and resealing area.
  • Tree limb removal of limbs making contact with roof (or within inches).

Finding the average number.

"The average cost" in text across a background photo of a lady with a calculator and papers "working the numbers".
Always keep in mind, every roof is different, and so the cost to repair them will be too.

Now you have a good scope of what the concept of basic roof repair is, and the different factors that can change what repairs might cost. So, if you read everything above, these numbers should make more sense.

The juicy stuff.

So, factoring the average type and size of roof, as we listed above, the minimum starting point for basic roof repair is around $250 to $350. Again, that is the starting point. The high end for basic repairs being the $1,400 to $1,600 range. Beyond that, you are getting into what we would consider major roof repairs.

If you have to have an average number to use as a starting point, I would say, right down the middle of the two ends of the spectrum is a good average to expect of basic roof repair costs. So that would be roughly $675ish. There you have it.

Today’s takeaway.

Hopefully through this you can see there are many different factors that can change what basic roof repair will cost, but now you can at least have a scope of understanding on what to expect.

If your roof requires major repairs.

If your roof is leaking, or you think it may be leaking, in one of the valleys of your roof, then you may likely be looking at major roof repairs. We will be writing one of our next blogs specifically on this area, and other areas, of major roof repairs, and how it affects you & your checkbook. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified as soon as we’ve published it!

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  1. That’s good to know that there is such a wide price range for basic roof repairs. I could see it being a good idea to repair any issue while it’s at $200 before it becomes a $1600 issue. I’ll have to make sure to get any problems with my roof repaired as soon as I notice them.

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