What is ‘Blogger on the Roof’?

Blogger on the Roof is a regularly updated blog started by local DFW roofing company, Craven Roofing, designed to help local North Texas homeowners navigate the often sugar-coated world of residential roofing, covering areas including industry insights, how to deal with roofing contractors/companies to ensure you are taken care of properly, DIY ideas and tips for exterior home and roof care, and more.

Why this blog was needed.

To help you understand how the blog, Blogger on the Roof, came to be, first, you should know how Craven Roofing came to be. Craven Roofing is a relatively young roofing company, of a few years, and is offering a refreshing version of dealing with a roofing contractor/company that has caught the attention of Texas homeowners. The reason Craven Roofing was created at all was to address the huge hole in the roofing industry that was created by greed and impatience, on the part of the majority of roofing contractors and companies all being in a race against each other to snatch up all of the high dollar claims on full roof replacements after major storms wreak their havoc to the roofs of homes all over DFW.

Hardly any roofing companies offer any focus to basic repairs, which works in favor of roofing companies, leaving the bulk of roofs in Texas in disrepair and increasing the likelihood of needing full replacement sooner than later. Some companies refused to do the basic repairs at all, and others would do quick, sub-par work as to move on to the next opportunity at a full replacement. Chris saw this opportunity to fill a need for the good people of DFW.

A roofing company with a unique purpose.

So, Craven Roofing was created with its primary focus on basic repairs. The business model being, if you start every roof inspection looking to find the most economical, and effective choice for the homeowner, and not simply focusing on seeing how many homes you can do full roof replacements on, you give the homeowner the respect of solving his problem at the necessary cost to do so, NOT the highest possible cost you can convince the homeowner to do business at. That’s why Craven Roofing sends repairmen to your home, not salesmen. A great way to find out the mentality of a roofing contractor. How focused on your needs can a roofing contractor possibly be if they send a salesman to your home and not a repairman?

That is the story of Craven Roofing, and their belief in a different roofing industry. One that is built with the customer at the forefront.

Once Craven Roofing was up and running, and helping people in DFW, it was time to expand the reach of this refreshing new business model that is making waves in DFW. Chris Craven couldn’t stand the thought of handing off his company’s reputation to a third party marketing company, only to have his customers badgered with a barrage of emails and calls in hopes of getting their business. That didn’t fit the business model he had created, and he knew his customers wouldn’t appreciate it either. So, he implemented in-house marketing for Craven Roofing.

The birth of the blog.

Brad Craven, Chris Craven’s son, came on board to handle the marketing for his dad, so that he could focus on sailing the company ship, so to speak. Brad had spent years in sales and business quite successfully, and was well aware that customers didn’t take well at all to badgering marketing strategies. So, in the same spirit of his father’s (and now boss’) business model, he created an information base for people to navigate the fast paced, turbulent waters of dealing with old-school, sales force driven, business modeled roofing companies that permeate North Texas. Brad didn’t simply want to pay enough marketing dollars to pop up in front of enough people to make a profit for the company. Instead, he created Blogger on the Roof.

Brad set out to ensure there was a beacon of helpful information for Texas homeowners to navigate to when being flooded with cheap Pay Per Click attempts at “getting in front of the customer”. Which there isn’t anything wrong with paid marketing, but if it is simply “free estimates, call now!” type marketing strategies, regurgitating the same business jargon as the rest of the roofing companies, it doesn’t offer anything of value to a homeowner looking for information. Which was something Brad understood.

What our blog is today.

Now, Blogger on the Roof is a growing, living, and breathing entity here for Texas homeowners to use to ensure their best interests are at the heart of someone amidst a plethora of those who honestly don’t care about anything besides what is in your wallet. Find the info you need here to make sure you have all the right tools to make this the easiest and most productive experience you could possibly have, repairing your roof.


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