Roof Repair Services 101 – For DFW Homeowners.

Roof Repair Services 101 – The Basic Need To Know Info For Homeowners


This is the first blog in a series covering the full scope of DFW roofing. Roof Repair Services 101 covers the current situation of the industry. Additionally, it covers the often un-thought of basics of the roofing industry.

There will be a Roof Repair Services 202, and 303, to be posted in the coming weeks (from 1/2/19). With these 3 levels of information, homeowners can navigate the process of roof repair services with confidence.

We recommend reading 101 and working your way through. Even if you have had roof repair services and have a decent idea of how things work. You may be surprised at how much the roofing industry has an influence on your decision making.

101 – The Scope of the Industry.

Salesman in a suit, extending handshake towards camera.
The Confident Salesman Extending A Handshake

The Dominant Business Model In The Roofing Industry.

We’ll cut right to it. The biggest issue in the Texas roofing industry today is that it is largely dominated by sales businesses. Have you ever had a roofing contractor in nice clothes knock on your door after a storm and offer his/her services? You spoke with a roofing salesman/saleswoman, even if they didn’t act “sales-y”.

The reason sales companies have found a home in the Texas roofing industry is honestly a sad truth. In roof repairs, there are basic repairs, on through to major repairs, and then there are full roof replacements. The bulk of roofing companies in DFW don’t even touch the basic, or even major, repairs. They, usually, only touch full roof replacements.

The Ugly Truth.

They do this because, to a roofing salesman, a full roof replacement is the highest possible commission obtainable. Greed, unfortunately, has pushed the DFW roofing industry as a whole into a “replacements only” mentality among roofing companies.

This leaves anyone who simply needs basic to major repairs, contacting roofing companies who usually “work the lead” in hopes of it being a full roof replacement. The homeowner usually gets passed off to a third partyonce the salesman realizes that the roof does not need replaced.

Some Examples of Bad Experiences With Roofing Sales Businesses.

two speech boxes with a quotation mark in each, held up by string
review quotes

This blog exists to show the homeowners of DFW that they have sensible roof repair options. Additionally, our purpose is to ensure they receive quality craftsmanship when having their roof repaired. We are not here to slander or attack specific roofing companies, or wage war on the industry’s sales businesses. We are simply here to inform.

With that, here are some examples of the outcome of dealing with a selfishly operated roofing sales business. These are actual reviews of local DFW roofing sales companies, although we removed any company names.

“…This company replaced my roof about two years ago. It was a terrible experience. The roof work itself appears to be fine, but the deceptive and coercive billing and sales practices are despicable.” – withheld

“…It’s been a year now. No return calls or emails despite recent attempts and all is needed is just some documentation showing he replaced the roof so that our current insurance carrier will issue us an appropriate policy.
If Gerald needed something to happen to get paid by the insurance company it would be handled very quickly. But after that part is over, it’s pretty much been a complete vanishing act….”
– withheld

They Aren’t All Bad.

We aren’t saying all sales businesses are bad businesses. There are good sales businesses out there, as found in this review of a local DFW roofing company, for example.

“… ****** was the representative that came out to my home and explained everything to me thoroughly. He didn’t pressure me into closing the deal that day and I really appreciated that. I told him we would think about it and contact him the next day. I spoke with his father the next morning and he really sealed the deal by being so friendly and personable….”withheld

This company is an example of a roofing sales company that isn’t a selfishly operated business. The issue with these instances is that the homeowner was only presented with the option of “roofing sales business“.

The Reality.

Had they been offered “roofing sales business”, or “professional roof repair service”, and understood the difference between the two; we would be willing to wager that they would have hands down chosen the professional roof repair service.


Simply put, people always choose repair services over having to deal with a sales experience. In the picture above, who would you rather be talking to about fixing your roof? Probably the guys who look like they actually DO repairs, yes?

Why not the sly devil sipping his espresso? This is comic exaggeration of course, but we have all been through sales experiences that were stressful. Possibly tense situations where where we felt strongly pressured.

Let’s Do A Simple Exercise To Determine Which Business Model Is Best For You.

What sounds less stressful? I am asking you.

  • A trip to the mechanic to have a starter replaced on your vehicle? Or a trip to a dealership to talk to a salesman about purchasing a new vehicle?
  • How about when your internet quits working? Do you call your provider and have a repairman sent out to fix it? Or rather, getting transferred to sales to discuss upgrading to a more expensive plan?
  • What about when your air conditioner breaks, your water heater leaks, or your front door won’t shut properly? Who would you rather talk to, a repairman, or a sales “consultant”.

Applying This.

So, why on earth would you think any differently when your roof starts leaking, or you have shingles missing? It stands to reason that homeowners just aren’t being offered repair services in the DFW roofing industry. At least not by most roofing companies/contractors.

So, What Else Should You Know?

If you can differentiate between a sales business, and a repair service, you will fair much better than others. There are a couple of other must know bits of information, too, however.

Simply Put…

  • First and foremost, DO NOT hire a roofing company/contractor who is not licensed in the state of Texas, and insured. Ensuring these two requirements are met protects you as the homeowner from liability nightmares.
  • Do not climb on your roof unless you are aware of the suggested safety tips. It can be dangerous on the slopes and peaks of a residential roof, big or small. An average of half of a dozen roofing pros die each year in the U.S from falls. If you must get on your roof, please read and follow the suggested safety tips.
  • This one is up to you. You may find yourself answering a knock on the door to someone claiming to be a roofing contractor. They might say something like, “I noticed your roof was in need of repairs, and would gladly offer a quote to fix it. Even though they may be a 100% legit roofing company, you’re lucky if it isn’t a courageous sales pitch. The door knocker type roofing companies are fairly non-systematic businesses. They can make a great mess of things due to lack of organization, internally.
  • 100% DO NOT hire an out of state roofing company! Even if they are “helping meet the demands of all the repairs due to recent severe storms”. If the repairs don’t solve the problem, you can’t call them to come back to Texas in most cases. Out of state, out of luck.
  • Don’t get fooled by someone into thinking that Flex Seal is the godsend solution to your roof leak problems. Additionally, not any other $6 solution in a can or bottle. These types of “solutions” often make your roof look incredibly tacky, and poorly maintained. Flex Seal has a very low success rate in the world of Texas, roof repairs. Roof repair professionals have their own memes about stuff like this.

Photo of a "flex seal repair" to a residential roof, captioned, "The signature of a the roofer who charged "half as much as you".
The Signature of the Roofer Who Charge “Half As Much As You”.
(“You” being the roofing contractor).

Now You Know Enough To Be Dangerous.

Woman fist pumping in triumph, holding ipad.
The Stoked Homeowner

With this bit of information, you know enough to begin navigating the roofing industry. Get a feel for the different types of companies that are out there. Weed out the companies that you know are a waste of your time. Lastly, don’t allow a roofing company to work on your roof until you are confident that they have your best interests at the forefront.

Craven Roofing & Construction, Inc., our very own professional roof repair service, is responsible for the creation of our blog. If you use our roofing company, you will see the difference in what we offer. If you don’t use our services, we are still happy to help local homeowners learn more about the often unspoken parts of the industry, with our blog.

Why We Think Our Company Is A Good Choice For Your Roof Repair Needs.

Chris Craven I, Owner & Manager of Craven Roofing & Construction, Inc., seen standing on steep sloped roof with full safety gear on. Company logo in top left.
Chris Craven I, Owner & Manager of Craven Roofing & Construction, Inc.

Craven Roofing & Construction, Inc., is dedicated to offering homeowners, honest and reliable roof repair. Unfortunately, this is different to what people have become accustomed to in the DFW area. Our approach is the same for every home.

Our repairmen inspect each roof honestly, and work with only the facts. We never push or encourage the homeowner to spend more than is necessary to solve their problem.

The Law of Common Sense.

A roof will present sufficient evidence of needing replaced on it’s own, if that is what it needs. So, what reason could a salesman possibly have to be speaking with you? Most likely, to ensure maximum likelihood and quantity of profit.

What we are suggesting is simple. If people have the choice to work with repairmen instead of salesmen, we believe they would be more comfortable hiring repairmen. In sales, there is always doubts about “who won?”. In repairs, the only question is, “did it get fixed?”

Our Promise To You.

If you use our services, we promise that you, as our customer, will be the number one priority on our minds. We trust our business will grow as homeowners tell their friends, and families about what we are doing.

Our promise as a blog is to provide helpful insights, about the roofing industry, to homeowners. Secondly, it is to make sure people know we are here.

Our Business Mindset.

More money helps grow our company. The solution to that is not to squeeze every customer for every dollar. The solution is to have as many customers as possible. That right there is what separates repair services from sales businesses.

Interested In Talking With Us?

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