To Replace Your Roof… Or Upgrade?

Perhaps you haven’t thought of this question before.. After all, a roof is a roof. Or is it?

Well, yes, a roof is indeed a roof. However, what about a better quality roof? Also, what is a better quality roof?

We recommend starting with the question, “What type of roof do I have?”. For most, it is simply and “an asphalt shingle roof”. For some, it is a concrete tile roof, a metal roof, or perhaps a steel tile roof. Or, maybe even a more unique type of roof, like a flat roof, or some other niche.

“I have an asphalt shingle roof”

So you have the most common roof design. Nothing wrong with that, as maintaining it or even replacing it is relatively inexpensive. Asphalt shingle roofs are the least expensive roof design being used widespread across America.

So what can be done to upgrade your asphalt shingle roof? As we mentioned in our last blog, the upgraded shingle roof would be switching to a Laminate Architectural shingle roof.

What makes it an upgrade? The design behind Laminate shingles was intended to help prevent hail, wind, and water damage to a greater extent than Asphalt shingle roofs were capable of.

If you are located in a part of the country that occasionally/often gets very high winds, larger than pea/nickel size hail stones, or a lethal combination of the two (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas area for example), then Laminate shingles would be a great idea!

Withstanding winds up to around 120mph, and resistant to hail stones up to golf ball in size, Laminate shingles offer longevity, durability, and even beauty that Asphalt shingles can’t compare to.

“I have a metal roof”

Known for their awesome appearance, and durability, metal makes for a fantastic roofing material. Metal roofs seem fairly straight forward, and thinking of how one can upgrade it effectively and with purpose may be difficult.

However, we have options! There is more than one, yes.

If your metal roof (R-Panel, standing seam, etc.) is in need of replacement, but you are considering adding to your home’s appearance/curb appeal, then have you heard about copper as a roofing material?

Copper is quickly becoming a well loved upgrade for metal roofs! It can add a surprising amount of beauty to your home. While it does cost somewhat more per cubic foot, it can add beauty without breaking the bank. How so?

Copper is being used in whole sections of roof, or merely as an accent. Copper Turrets (seen in the photo above), copper gutters, and more!

Also, for another great metal upgrade option, look at the next section for concrete tile roofs upgrades. You may be interested in Steel Tile roofs!

“I have a concrete tile roof”

One of the longest lasting roof designs, concrete tile is elegant, effective, and simple in its design. Short of getting a new concrete tile roof, what can one do to upgrade it?

An idea that works well for someone who has a concrete tile roof, not in need of replacement, would be painting it! Painting concrete tile roofs brings a fresh/young look back into it, and can even help add to it’s water resistance.

However, if it is indeed time to replace your concrete tile roof, and you are considering potential upgrades, then we would recommend Steel Tile. A new design that is growing in popularity quite rapidly.

Have a look at one of our own steel tile roof upgrades.

While it costs slightly more than a concrete tile roof, its design adds durability and longevity well over that of a concrete tile roof, while keeping a similar appearance. (If you already have a steel tile roof, congrats! You are rocking the Cadillac of roofing systems!)

“I have a flat roof”

Not as commonly seen as most of the other types of roofs, but one we run into often enough to include in our blog. Flat roofs are simple, and fairly easy to install, or re-coat (by a pro).

Not designed for their appearance, as they are often not visible from the ground, flat roofs are often treated pretty straight forward, with few options given in regards to upgrades.

However, there are options. The appearance may not change much, but the materials used to build and seal your flat roof can be upgraded. In today’s modern age of industry, new adhesives, and flat roof materials are being produced quite often.

Instead of your standard flat roof, you may consider an upgraded material and adhesive, like a Polyply system. More often used commercially, this roof design is trusted to keep multi million, and even billion dollar businesses flowing, without any leaks flowing.

It can indeed be applied to a residential roof, and would most assuredly be considered an upgrade over your standard flat roof seen in the residential world.

“So who do I talk to about upgrading my roof?”

Funny you should ask! We write this blog to keep DFW homeowners educated on all of their options. However, we do in fact own and operate a roofing company here locally in DFW!

Craven Roofing & Construction, Inc.

We would be happy to answer any of your questions/go over all of your options with you. You can always contact us by clicking here. We are always happy to help.