We appreciate the communication. We are always learning and growing. If you have any ideas about what might be a good blog post idea, or topic we can cover in one of our future blogs, we want to know! 

Company & Blog –  Contact Info:
Blog Owner: Chris Craven
Company: Craven Roofing & Construction, Inc. 
Blog Author: Brad Craven
Company Phone: 888-611-5522
Chris Craven: Owner & Operator
Phone: 817-454-7906
Email: ChrisCraven@cravenroofing.com
Availability: 9am-5pm; Mon-Sat (unless with customers)
Brad Craven: Marketing Admin, Web Design, & Blog Author
Brad’s Phone: 682-716-9649
Email: BloggerontheRoof@cravenroofing.com
Availability: 9am-5pm; Mon-Sat (unless disc golfing)


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