Major Roof Repair – Average Cost & Common Problems.

What The Fuss Is All About.

You may or may not be familiar with the term “major roof repairs”. This area of roof repair could be talked about for hours, due to how many aspects of the industry it affects.

The Bruise On The Apple.

Most major roofing companies don’t like doing major roof repairs, to be blunt. Why do they not like doing them? In short, they use major roof repair situations as a ramp to replacing the entire roof.

This area of the industry is filled with loopholes exploited by roofing companies who want to maximize profits by maximizing full roof replacement jobs.

How Roofing Sales Businesses Affect You.

Man Playing Chess (facing camera, close up), with quote, "The Sales Game" across photo.

Since the majority of roofing companies in DFW are roofing sales businesses, it is understandable that their focus would be maximizing profits. That is what sales is, after all.

A major roof repair, to a salesman, is a better case for convincing the homeowner and the insurance company that the roof is beyond repair, and should be fully replaced.

The Big Question.

How does the homeowner benefit? An effective salesman finds a way to present his argument in a way that would appear to be mutually beneficial to customer and company. Moreover, if it doesn’t benefit the customer somehow, they aren’t going to do business. So where is the disconnect?

The Sales Effect.

The roofing sales professional has been known to view it as better to replace your entire roof than spend money on major repairs, if it is possible. While they aren’t completely wrong, they are usually exaggerating to their benefit.

There is a good deal of information in this specific area that the homeowner should certainly know about. Unfortunately, this type of info is largely hidden from homeowners by roofing companies, in DFW.

The options we are highlighting here are far more beneficial to the homeowner than the roofing sales companies. So, here are some little known facts about major roof repairs.

Defining “Major Repairs”.

First, the definition of a major roof repair, is a repair that exceeds the general cost of a basic roof repair, but does not exceed a justifiable cost of replacing your roof.

The Average DFW Home.

Secondly, the costs of roof repairs depends on why type of roof the repairs are being done to. The average small house is a roughly 1,700 sq. ft., single story house, with a relatively low incline roof. Steep inclines and second story houses customarily adds some costs to labor.

Average Cost of Basic Repairs.

For the average home, basic roof repairs range from, roughly, $250 to $1500.

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Average Cost of Major Repairs.

Major roof repairs range from, again, roughly, $1,500 up to several thousand dollars.

Average Value of Full Roof Replacements.

Full roof roof replacements normally range anywhere, from roughly $5,000 to $35,000+* in the north Texas area, factoring all the different types of homes. * “+” being for the above average, large homes, with complex roofs.

Tying It All Together.

So you can see why roofing sales businesses like to bump as many roofs as possible from the major roof repair option, to the full roof replacement option. Full replacements, generate considerably more profit for them.

When does it actually make sense to consider replacing your roof?

For the homeowner, replacing your entire roof is a massive overhaul to your home. So, it requires justification, definitely to the insurance company, and should to the homeowner, as well.

Looking At The Roof, Long Term.

One thing the roofing companies in DFW commonly won’t tell you is to look at the situation in the 2 to 3 year sense. After all, your roof has a designed lifespan. These designed lifespans usually range from 25 to 45+ years.

The “Average” Perspective.

Let’s say the average age roof in DFW is 12 to 15 years old, and the average life span is 30 years. If over 2 to 3 years, the cost of repairing your roof exceeds, roughly, 25% of the value of your roof, then it may be worth considering replacing.

Your Unique Perspective.

You can see where the many different types, shapes, and sizes or homes affect these numbers. Additionally, why you can’t select a package of services up front with a roofing company and have it all pre-planned. Every roof is different. It is a process.

Ask yourself, what is needed to keep your roof functioning at its best for the next 5 to 10 years? If comes out to few thousand dollars, and the average roof is valued at $20,000, then replacing the whole roof really doesn’t make sense for the homeowner.

The Insurance Perspective.

mans hand holding business card, with text across, "That's What Insurance Is For!".

Once you pay your deductible on a home repair, you will obviously set several things in motion. An event with your insurance company, that can affect future decisions regarding your roof, is one. Additionally, you have to factor in that you put a new roof on a house in Texas.

The “Oops!” Moment.

What happens if you replace your roof in July, and come Spring time, one of our lovely, local, peaches of a hailstorm, comes through and your house draws “short straw”? Or one our “one off” tornadoes rips the thing clean off your house, and sends it a half mile up the road?

The Blunder, Itself.

Now, you have a new roof, being totaled out, and your insurance company looks at your history and has to make some decisions about how much they are charging you to be insured. Yes, or no?

Be Savvy.

A salesman can paint a beautiful picture of your home’s curb appeal, and value of a new roof. However, it is not always the best course of action for you as the homeowner. Make sure, if you are cashing in on an insurance claim, that it makes sense for you as the homeowner.

The “Light Bulb” Moment.

Raise your hand if you are starting to see some ways a crafty salesman could have a less aware homeowner convinced that a new roof is absolutely what his home needs. Moreover, with a homeowner in agreement, imagine what the salesman can accomplish with the insurance company. This is a reality in the roofing industry.


What The Big Secret Is.

Not every roof that is replaced, actually needed replaced. This is a fact that many homeowners don’t learn until they go through one of these stressful situations, themselves.

Keeping your current roof in good repair, even if it requires major roof repairs, is always the best decision for the homeowner, if it is indeed an option.

To Clarify.

A percentage of roofs cannot be repaired due to the amount of damage. This is a fact, but being honest about where this line is is not common among sales businesses.

With our roofing company, Craven Roofing, this is what sets us apart from other roofing companies. We are honest about where the line between repairable and not repairable, is.

To Finish.

Now you know the basics of where major roof repairs come in to play, and they affect you. Additionally, we hope you found value in our blog, and the info we provide to DFW homeowners.

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