5 Things That Roofing Companies SHOULD Be Charging You For.

Is Your Roofing Contractor Charging You For Genuine Necessities, Or Fluff?

The Problem.

There are many customer experiences that have been sabotaged on accident. Meaning, what could have been a great experience has fallen apart because of a simple failure to communicate.

What would you do if you were handed two repair quotes, and one was several hundred more than the other?

Many would be quick to assume the higher price was a greedy quote. The truth, however, is that sometimes the lower quote is incorrect. This could be for a number of reasons. Whether it is human error, or a lack of attention to detail, sometimes the higher quote is the one you need to take.

You will most likely not encounter all of these at once. However, if you do, it pays to know what they are.

5 Things Roofing Companies SHOULD Be Charging You For.

  1. Removal: Roofing companies should be charging a removal fee, per layer of roofing material removed. Unless specified otherwise, you should see this fee on any full roof replacement. Removal fees are for the actual removal process of the original roof and underlayments.
  2. Underlayment: A vital part of properly installed roofs. Your roofing contractor should be recommending, or at least offering quality products. The reason why is to protect and ensure the longevity of your roof. The underlayment rests between the shingles and wooden decking.
  3. A “Steep Charge”: If your roof is higher end, it may have steep inclines in it’s roof design. This adds aesthetic beauty to the home, but is more difficult to navigate, due to the steep angles. So, when it comes time to repair your roof, this charge is customary to allow for the extra time it takes to work on the roof.
  4. A “2 Story Charge”: Not everyone expects this one, but if you think about it, it’s quite understandable. If your roof is a second story home, then several aspects of repairing the roof, change. Additionally, there are more safety risks.
  5. Additional Removal Fee: If your roof has more than one layer of shingles, each layer will have an additional removal charge. Some roofs are repeatedly layered over, at the expense of the roof’s long term health. This usually happens because of people trying to save money wherever they can, regardless of it making sense or not for the roof. Roofing companies aren’t necessarily excited when they see a roof with multiple layers either. This happens simply because of the additional labor to remove extra layer(s). Unfortunately, multiple layers often means that there are hidden issues beneath the surface layer.

Knowing Is Everything.

A Removal Being Performed On A Roof With One Layer Of Shingles, and THREE Layers Of Underlayment. It’s never the same on any two roofs. Something makes it unique.

Not all of these necessarily apply to one homeowner or roof. However, you may see one or more of these pop up when getting quotes from local roofing companies.

Not understanding these types of charges can leave homeowners questioning if they were taken advantage of by their roofing companies. Hopefully this helps you make a more educated decision(s) in regards to any roofing work you are currently having done.

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